Original Fine Art
Soft Pastel, Oils, Seascapes

Louise Frechette

On November 29, 2019 Louise passed peacefully away in the arms of her beloved husband Carl.

Louise A. Frechette PSA, a national award winning artist, whose paintings are inspired by the awesome power of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, painted with a wide spectrum of richly colored soft pastel using her fingers only. Her oils, some mural size, are painted on pure linen canvases conveying her vision which carries her viewer to another dimension. Her pounding surf and mystical vision can be viewed in eight art galleries nationwide from Maine to California.

The Pastel Journal, August 2008 issue presented Louise's work as their main feature.


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"Beads For Sale"


"A Song"

"Love Calls"


"Birth of Change"

"Purity and Light"

"Spirit of Love II"

"Silent Love"

"Breaking Silence"


"The Creator"

"The Plan"


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