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Title: ‘’Beads For Sale
(circa 1990 - copyrighted)

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Size: framed, 34’’w x 42’’ h

Image, 30’’w x 38’’



The painting is of a Navajo woman, sitting on the ground, near the south rim of the Grand Canyon stringing a beaded necklace. At her feet, she had a small porcelain dish with a tiny hand written sign, "Take my picture - 25 cents".

I took her picture and dropped a quarter in her dish. Later that year, Louise painted her portrait in our studio in Kennebunkport, Maine. This is one of the rare occasions Louise painted with other than soft pastels, her usual medium.

Louise was well versed in many mediums, many of her first works were of Native American portraits in paper and pencil.

This painting was a favorite of ours and graced the walls of our home since the 1990s.

Carl Frechette