Louise A. Frechette, PSA

A native of San Francisco, California, Louise grew up amidst the mystical Pacific Ocean on the edge of one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. It's no wonder that she focused on the ocean as the prevailing theme in her paintings. 

Louise Frechette's richly colored oil and pastel painted visions are drawn from what the artist refers to as her "spiritual purpose". They elicit a deep emotional response from the viewer, often striking immeasurable depth within.

"Deep hues of purple, indigo, magenta, and teal, touches of crimson, berry, and splashes of sea foam green - colors that touch and caress the senses. Even the roar of the waves crashing on the rocks becomes audible gazing upon the work of Louise Frechette...the work is truly magical.

"Using the finest soft pastels from London, Louise applies the pure pigment with her fingertips. Working from the top down Louise explains, 'it is like pulling down a shade...the piece evolves totally spontaneously without a design or sketch in mind. And the pastels are the purest of pigments, they have the longest life of all mediums.'

"'My oils have a very different feel from the pastels. I have been an oil painter for 40 years, yet when I do oils, I have to think. I am very detached from my work when I am using pastels.'

"Miraculously, the images come alive and draw the viewer in. Louise explains her spiritual connection to her work by relating, 'It is a divine walk I choose to take, the purpose is always to please the Lord and hope that in my little way I can elevate a thought in someone's mind through the art that will give them peace and love which lays inside of each of us.'"

Quoted partially from "Spirit Echoes" newsletter, January 2000 issue

Gallery to find Louise's art:

Coastal Galleries
49901 Highway 1
Big Sur, California 93920
B 831-667-2301
C 808-2801497

Carl Frechette can be reached at:

178 Beachwood Avenue
(by appointment only)

Kennebunkport, ME 04046-0843

Telephone (207) 423-0206 (cell)

Email address: frechette43@gmail.com

Louise was invited to exhibit her art in Florence, Italy in December 2003. For further information about BIENNALE INTERNATIONAL DELL ARTE CONTEMPOANEA, Firenze, Italia, go to www.artestudio.net

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