Ric Eland

Ric and his brother are venturing into a new art form. More details will be forthcoming, but these images will give you a taste of their exciting innovative endeavors. A stainless steel yard sculpture of a 15 foot oak tree is in progress and photos will be continuously updated.

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Ric and Bill working on the stainless steel oak tree yard sculpture


January 2007 - The steel oak tree is about twelve feet tall now, and they had to move it outside.

September 2007 - Below are a couple of updated pictures of the steel oak tree. It is about 15 feet tall now and the skeleton is finished. They can now cut limbs off and finish them inside. Also below is a picture of a finished limb with all of the twigs attached.

January 2007 - The Bonsai tree is about two feet x two feet and is mounted to a piece of pink granite.

April 2007 - Two of the latest pictures of the bonsai tree today, and the top is almost finished. There are over 300 leaves on it.

August 2007 - Here are a couple of pictures of the finished bonsai tree. It is 24"x24"x23". It is stainless steel mounted to a piece of pink granite.

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