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Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Tim Flanagan - landscapes, figures in landscape and farm machinery in glazed acrylics.

Tim Flanagan's paintings are based upon an emotional response to the Yin and Yang of light's fluidity, the stillness and the motion, the light and the dark. He often works for weeks at a time in order to achieve the intense imagery that has become the hallmark of his work.

Tim Flanagan's work has been nationally recognized in the 1996 book "The Best of Acrylic Painting" by Rockport Publishers - distributed by North Light Books. His paintings continue to be juried into both national and international exhibitions, and they are being collected with an ever growing sphere of individuals and businesses.

Two of Tim's paintings were juried into the 2009 Paint America competition. Click here for details.

Visit Tim's Website at www.timflanaganart.com

Original Paintings

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"Veiled in Warmth" - SOLD

"At Rest" - SOLD


"Sharing Moments"

"In Dreams Beyond"

"Morning's Mist" - SOLD

"Dories Dreaming"

"Sunset Strollers"

"In a Magenta Moment" - SOLD

"In Reflection"

"Dawn" - SOLD

"Summer's Warmth" - SOLD

"Mirrored in Stillness"

"Sunset Cocktail"

"In Moon's Rising"

"October's Prelude"

"In a Morning;s Meditation"

"Golden Embrace" - SOLD

"Tonal Whisper"

"A Warm Memory"

"Into Afternoon's Warmth"

"An Evening's Whisper" - SOLD

"Autumnal Orchestration"

"In a Dance with Dawn"

"Tidal Patterns"

 "In the Warmth of Memories"

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