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 Piper Bolduc grew up in Brunswick, Maine in a home where art was encouraged, and private art lessons began in the fifth grade from the suggestion of a caring teacher. After receiving her bachelor of science degree in art education from the University of Maine in Orono in 1979 , her teaching career began and now continues with 26 years experience.

It was not until several years ago that her painting began to take on a more serious approach and a desire to share her work with the public audience.

After venturing out in a local sidewalk art festival in Saco, Maine (which is now called home) and having rave reviews, that encouragement was all she needed to begin her painting career.

Summer vacations from school are now spent on the road headed to outdoor art festivals from Bar Harbor, Camden, Portland, Boston, Newport, R.I. and places yet to be determined. Honors such as several Best in Show, First Place Runner-Up, and many purchase prizes have been awarded to the artist. Her paintings hang in many private collections across the United States.

"I grew up with parents that set examples with their busy hands. A father who is a draftsman by trade and a mother whose hands have always pursued some kind of handiwork, showed me the way to my love of holding on to a paintbrush and knowing that there is nothing better that I would rather be doing."

Piper can be reached at:

Piper's Waterworks


mbolduc2@maine.rr.com  (any time)
pbolduc@rsu23.org  (week days, Sept. 2 - June 20)

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