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"Strength on Your Side"

Latest Update:

This lighthous was auctioned off on Friday September 19, 2003 and went for the highest amount at the auction - $8,000.00. It is now owned by "Pioneer Telephone".

This is the name one of the 66 10-foot lighthouses sponsored by various businesses in and around the Portland area. Like other community art projects featuring alligators, pelicans, cows, moose, pigs, and horses that have been so successful in cities world wide, this "Lighthouses on Parade" is designed to promote the greater Portland region and celebrate its artists -- while benefiting local charaties.

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products sponsored this lighthouse, and Piper painted a design that combines patriotic elements with a central image of a fishing harbor along the Maine coast. Medallions showcase persons, places, products and resources syonymous with the "total Maine experience".